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          国际经济学 - 现代语言联合各大|圣365体育经济学

          国际经济学 - 现代语言结合重大

          *请访问经济部门酒井网站位于资源文件夹中的合同。  //sakai.stlawu.edu/portal/site/economics

          International 经济学 & Modern Languages and Literatures builds on two existing majors, economics and modern languages and literatures. Both departments are well established at ST。365体育. The economics major continually stands as one of the three largest majors on campus and is very interested in helping students develop interests and skills that go beyond the US economy. Modern Languages and Literatures emphasize the rich culture and heritage that other nations bring to our increasingly global economy. The 国际经济学 & Modern Languages and Literatures combined majors will afford students with enhanced opportunities to develop careers in "the profit (working in multi-national companies), not-for-profit (e.g., the Red Cross and Peace Corps as well as public policy organizations) and government (e.g, the State Department) sectors of the economy." 学生们 will benefit tremendously from these combined majors and will be ready to make international contacts to the fullest.


          国际经济学 - 法国联合大

          国际经济学 - 德国大联合

          国际经济学 - 西班牙联合大

          国际经济学 - 多语言结合重大

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