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          Moving-Up Day Awards

          Every year, on Moving-Up Day, the Art and Art History Department gives out the following three awards:

          • The Frederick Remington Prize, awarded annually to promising junior Art & Art History majors.
          • The Jeanne Scribner Cashin Prize, recognizing superior achievement by senior Art & Art History majors in the history, theory or practice of visual arts.
          • The Clayton V. Fowler Art History Writing Award, awarded to the authors of outstanding papers in art history, theory, or criticism.


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          1980 FINE ARTS

          Cashin Prize:  Walter Pascoe.

          1981 FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Caroline Heffron and Philip Clay.

          Cashin Prize:  Claude Mette.

          1982 FINE ARTS

          Cashin Prize:  Kristine Knudsen.

          1983 FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Barbara Bush. 

          Cashin Prize:  Gwennda Berkeley and Jeanne Noordsy.

          1984 FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Jane Hueffed and Helen Schonberger-Martin.

          Cashin Prize:  Barbara Bush and Elizabeth Vilas.

          1985  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:   Joseph L. Snapp.   

          Cashin Prize:  Jonathan Converse. 

          Fowler Award:  Helen Schonberger-Martin.

          1986  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  David Platzker. 

          Cashin Prize:  Lori Schaefer.  

          Fowler Award:  Nancy McCowatt and Lori Schaefer.

          1987  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Pablo Davis.

          Cashin Prize:   Elizabeth Bayer and David Platzker. 

          Fowler Award:  Anthony Gaeta.

          1988  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Elizabeth A. Wehle. 

          Cashin Prize:  Pablo Davis.  

          Fowler Award:  Karin Sanborn.

          1989  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Anne Mastromarchi.

          Cashin Prize:  David Gelfman, Karen Brooke Simon, and Elizabeth A. Wehle.

          Fowler Award:  Ashley Williams.

          1990  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Kirsten L. Tauck. 

          Cashin Prize:  Maria Dicaprio and Anne K. Mastromarchi.  

          Fowler Award:  Kristen Thomas.

          1991  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Suzanne Matthews.

          Cashin Prize:  Kristen Thomas. 

          Fowler Award:  Colleen Bashaw. 

          1992  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Rebecca Davidow. 

          Cashin Prize:  David Gibson. 

          Fowler Award:  James Turner Wells Blaxter.

          1993  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Britt Richards. 

          Cashin Prize:  Eloi J. Hernández. 

          Fowler Award:  Tricia Martin and Eloi J. Hernández. 

          1994  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Cynthia Long.

          Cashin Prize:  Jennifer Platten.

          Fowler Award: Megan Smith. 

          1995  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Elizabeth Dinkel and Lori Kilner.

          Cashin Prize:  Cynthia Long.

          1996  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Diana Bisnett.

          Cashin Prize:  Patricia Garland.

          Fowler Award:  Jeniffer Corwin and Sara W. Dempsey.

          1997 FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Stephen O’Brien and Sarah Dempsey.

          Cashin Prize:  Diana Bisnett.

          Fowler Award:  Diana Bisnett and Allison Hudson.

          1998  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Seth Amoroso.

          Cashin Prize:  Stephen O’Brien and Caren Quinn.

          Fowler Award:  Jennifer Frey.   

          1999  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Paul Hughes.

          Cashin Prize:  Seth Amoroso.

          Fowler Award:  Jessica Land. 

          2000  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Bonnie Weigle.

          Cashin Prize:  Paul Hughes.

          Fowler Award:  Marci Persons.

          2001  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Vincent Dalpiaz and Jane Monti.

          Cashin Prize:  Jenifer Backus and Todd Matte.

          Fowler Award:  Jennifer Weber. 

          2002  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Lydia M.  Brown.

          Cashin Prize:  Melissa Sinner. 

          2003  FINE ARTS      

          Remington Prize: Jessica A. Baker, Kelsey L. Hochstatter, and Aram A. Muksian.

          Cashin Prize:  Lydia M. Brown. 

          2004  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Will G. Collins and Ashley M. Havens.

          Cashin Prize:  Aram A. Muksian and Elizabeth M. Teczar.

          Fowler Award:  Jennifer M. Angell, Jessica A. Baker. 

          2005  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Elizabeth H. Condrey  and Meghan K. Getsinger.

          Cashin Prize:  Ashley M. Havens and Greta J. Thomas.

          Fowler Award:  Sara J. Rademacher.

          2006  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Vanessa E. Harvey.

          Cashin Prize:  Crystal A. Ellis and Christopher D. Kimball. 

          Fowler Award:  Marie L. Gage and Amy E. Mahnken.    

          2007  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Meghan K. Schindler and Alexa A. Unser.

          Cashin Prize:  Vanessa E. Harvey. 

          2008  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize in Fine Arts:  Grant R. Haynes and Dana M. Smith. 

          Cashin Prize:  Alexa A. Unser and James Daniel K. McCune. 

          Fowler Award:  Samantha S. Lovell and Rebecca A. Riegelhaupt, with Honorable Mentions to Kathryn C. McAndrews and Margaret B. Witherbee.

          2009  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Valerie E. Nelkin and Samantha J. Rodriguez. 

          Cashin Prize: Carolyn C. Clynes and Grant R. Haynes. 

          Fowler Award:  Jayne E. Galusha, Stanzi R. McGlynn, and Stefanie K. Chappell, with an Honorable Mention to Fernando T. Gomez.

          2010  FINE ARTS

          Remington Prize:  Tandazani  P. Dhlakama  and Fernando T. Gomez.  

          Cashin Prize:  Amy R. Atkins and Valerie E. Nelkin.

          Fowler Award:  Leah S. Farrar, Sandrine M. Milet, and Jennifer L. Porter with Honorable Mention to Fernando T. Gomez.   

          2011  ART & ART HISTORY

          Remington Prize:  Caitlin E. Amborski, Stephanie A. Cutler, and Courtney M. Kuno.

          Cashin Prize:  Tandazani P. Dhlakama and Fernando T. Gomez.

          Fowler Award: Claire M. Alai and Kara M. Amedio.

          2012  ART & ART HISTORY

          Remington Prize:  Ilka P. Hadlock, Mary K. Simpson, and Cho-Wun (Clara) Ma.

          Cashin Prize:  Michael P. Cianca, Caitlin E. Amborski. 

          Fowler Award:  Claire M. Alai, Olivia G. McManus, and Sandrine M. Milet.   

          2013  ART & ART HISTORY

          Remington Prize:  Erik Miller, Alison Walter, and Amanda Treco. 

          Cashin Prize: Cho-Wun (Clara) Ma and Ilka P. Hadlock.

          Fowler Award:  Cho-Wun (Clara) Ma, Zinnia Smith, and Allison Hall.

          2014  ART & ART HISTORY

          Remington Prize:  Katelyn Kraunelis and Zinnia Smith.

          Cashin Prize:  Erik Miller, with Honorable Mentions to Amanda Treco and Alison Walter. 

          Fowler Award:  Kelsey Hatch.

          2015 ART & ART HISTORY

          Remington Prize:  Heron E. Hetzler, Bridget A. Fleming, and Tianhe Zhong.

          Cashin Prize:  Reid S. Brechner and Zinnia E. Smith.

          Fowler Award:  Reid S. Brechner and Zinnia Smith, with Honorable Mention to Kelsey L. Hatch.

          2016 ART & ART  HISTORY

          Remington Prize:  Rebecca L. Clayman and Samantha E. Ormsby.

          Cashin Prize:  Carolyn L. Dellinger, Bridget A. Fleming, Eve G. Wuthrich, and Tianhe Zhong.

          Fowler Award:  Olivia M. Rettstatt.

          2017 ART & ART HISTORY

          Remington Prize:  Rachel Starr and Caroline Metzger.

          Cashin Prize:  Rebecca Clayman and Samantha Ormsby.

          Fowler Award:  Haley DeParde and Rebecca Clayman; Honorable Mention to Lauren Nolan.   

          2018 ART & ART HISTORY

          Remington Prize: Andrew P. Hale, Andy Ostler, Hannah Owh, Nicholas S. Trace

          Cashin Prize:  Lydia L. Bouricius, Ryan Davis, Rachel K. Starr

          Fowler Award: Caroline L. Metzger

          2019 ART & ART HISTORY

          Remington Prize: Raven Larcom, Annabella Pugliese

          Cashin Prize: Alexis Joy, Hannah Owh

          Fowler Award: Hannah Owh, Greta Nystrom

          2020 Art & Art History

          Remington Prize: Andrea M. Travis-Millet '21, Margeunsol Yang '21, Yidi Zhang '21, Nadirah Croft '21

          Cashin Prize: Flannery R. Dillon '20, Raven M. Larcom '20

          Fowler Award: Annabella L. Pugliese '20

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