What Is Spiritual Healing?


Photo credit: http://spiritualhealingtheworld.blogspot.com/
Photo credit: http://spiritualhealingtheworld.blogspot.com/

Spiritual healing is known as a form of alternate medicine that depends upon the healing power from God. For centuries, this has been very popular and practiced by a lot of people across the globe.

There are several types of healing mentioned through the Bible. All of those are examples of spiritual healing. If there’s a medical treatment method, there should be a set of rules or laws that are to be followed or practiced always. Spiritual healing also employs different rules, which are a must in acquiring any cure. Even if spiritual healing is practiced in different religions in all over the world, there are also some samples of spiritual healing in the Bible that are worth reading for. The healing done by the son of God, Jesus Christ, described in the Holy Book are amazing and today, the healing continues. A person who has a strong belief that Jesus can heal is promised that his or her disease will be cured. So, in order for a person to get the most of spiritual healing, one has to follow particular guidelines.

  • No Medicines

In terms of spiritual healing, you do not rely upon the equipment or medicines or any doctor, yet you depend completely upon the power that God provides. Every healing power is within the individual itself. When God created every individual, he also loaded him with healing systems that fight diseases and heal the wounds when wounded. However, one’s sinful mind brought each kind of disorder that destroys one’s life. Therefore, in spiritual healing, an individual should simply rely on God to guide him or her towards a healthy lifestyle. In spiritual healing, there’s no place for medicines.

  • Trust in God

Healing through the help of God is never impossible only if the person trusts in Him. With doubts in mind, expecting God to heal is not possible. God assists those who trust in him completely. Therefore, trusting God is the very first step to start with the healing process. Trust in God as well as His power brings peace of mind that would give you a kick start on healing. Remember, a doubtful mind don’t achieve healing.

  • No Envy or Pride

Envy and pride arise because of the fact that what people enjoy cannot be earned by other. For instance, if the poor man does not have the car he has envy over some who have their own cars. The fact is that he’s envious due to the fact that he’s not in the position to make money to purchase it. Therefore, if an individual feels envy on another person, it just means that he can’t earn this. Feeling envy confirms that he cannot do things in a successful way. Being a loser does not help in healing. To get the best results in spiritual healing, a person has to be healthy in his mind, without feeling envy or pride. This produces inner peace that accelerates the healing. Following those guidelines in spiritual healing is very important.

So, make sure to keep them in mind when you get started with the spiritual healing. Check this out.


How spiritual healing is administered

There are many types of getting rid of illnesses and difficulties in life. One may choose to seek treatment or seek spiritual healing. Today, most people attribute some of their problems to spiritual courses and therefore seek spiritual healing. Although beliefs differ from one person the other, most believe in spiritual healing. And what is spiritual healing? Spiritual healing is a type of healing where spiritual energy is channeled from its source to the person in need. It is believed that it can be taught and learn: so anyone can heal spiritually.

How spiritual healing is administered’?

The way of administering varies from one healer to the other. The healer will explain the whole process to you for awareness. You will be asked if you are comfortable to proceed with the process. When you accept to proceed, the healer will then start healing.

You will be asked to make yourself comfortable by removing your coat, spectacles and switch off you hearing aid if you have any. All this is to make you comfortable and has nothing to do with the healing. The healer will ask you to sit down in order to make you comfortable. Those on wheel chair may be healed on it

Method of administration varies from one healer to the other. Mostly used method is the contact healing. In this method, the healer places his/her hands on you with your permission. The healer will not place the hands on the sensitive parts of the body as this is against the code of conduct.

The spiritual energy will then be transferred to you through the spiritual healer. The duration may vary but it is usually ten to twenty minutes. During the healing process, you will be asked to relax your mind. Closing your eyes may be necessary for this One may feel a rise in temperature but that is normal.

Healer will afterwards fill a record for your visit and advice you on visits. Most healers will advise you to still keep contact with the doctor. You will be considered to have received spiritual healing.

It advisable to take spiritual healing as a compliment of treatment. Spiritual healing can work hand in hand with medical treatment and hence may not stop you from visiting a doctor. One should also make regular visits to the healer as advised.

Spiritual healing is real and works as per the study. Most people use this type of healing on diseases that lack clinical medicine.


How Does Spiritual Healing Work?

Spiritual healing is the process of transferring healing energy from its source (healer) to the person who is in need of it (Seeker). This gives the power to heal an individual and also helps in connecting with the supernatural resources. Spiritual healing takes place when the energy from the healer is transferred to the seeker who need that healing. This works in the mind, spirit and the body and also helps in retaining enthusiasm and good health in life. It also helps in solving mental, emotional and physical problems as well. Energy is transferred from the person conducting the healing process to the person seeking healing through the hands of the healer. Some individuals believe that healers and spiritual healing seekers must not be close to one another for the healing to take place.

The spiritual healer places his or her hand on the individual seeking treatment to transfer the positive energy so as to heal the individual and help in getting rid of the problems. It is not mandatory that you need a healer to receive spiritual healing, it can be done through prayers and healing will be received as well. The healer’s energy is believed to originate from external invisible and intelligent source. The mind, spirit and body must work together for spiritual healing to take place. If an individual does not believe in his or her mind on spiritual healing, then he or she will not experience the complete effect of spiritual healing. Therefore, an individual should have a complete believe in the process for it to take place.

Some individuals think that spiritual healing is connected with the old age traditions like ethnic based faiths. It has been observed also that spiritual healing is also practiced in many different traditions and faiths. Some individuals, mostly Christians believe that it is the combination of anointing with water and oil with vocal prayers to ask God for healing. Many individuals also believe and trust in the ability to connect with the universe’ natural energy and also direct that energy to treat physical, spiritual and emotional sickness. Also, spiritual healing is practiced to clear blockages between the heart and the mind which can cause depression, anxiety or other mental issues that affect emotions. Spiritual healing is therefore very useful in creating self awareness of our body and mind. It helps in waking up the subconscious of a person. It also gives better life prospect and help in self improvement. You begin looking at the future and present with energy, enthusiasm and positivity.